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My Story

Dr. Tapas Raychaudhury
Dr Tapas Raychaudhury is the name in the Cardiothoracic world. He is the seniormost heart surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata and specializes in LIMA:RIMA Bypass Surgery and Mini-Bypass surgery.

Trained in UK and Australia, Dr. Tapas Raychaudhury is the first surgeon to perform the first 75 consecutive multi-vessel Bypass surgery in Kolkata between 1984 and ’86. He then built B.M. Birla Heart Hospital as its first Project Director. In February 1996 he performed the first Beating Heart Bypass surgery in Eastern India and in the same year he performed the first ‘Mini-Bypass Surgery’ of Kolkata through a small 4 inch cut in the left side of the chest.

From 2002 onwards, this pioneer bypass surgeon, along with his team members performed over 11,000 Bypass surgeries for low and middle income group at an affordable mean cost of only Rs 65,000 with
99% success.


A student of Calcutta Medical College, Dr. Raychaudhury got his post graduate training in United Kingdom after completing 2 years house job in surgery in Kolkata. While working as a Senior House Officer in Cardiff Group of hospitals, he completed his fellowship (FRCS) from both London and Edinburgh.

He then joined Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, as a post-fellowship registrar in Cardiac surgery and published four mile stone scholarly articles on cardiac surgery in some of the most prestigious scientific journals. Next he worked in a high profile Cardio-thoracic center in Manchester before returning to Kolkata, where he joined as The Project Director of B.M. Birla Heart Center and built the hospital the way you see it to-day.

He was then invited to join “Royal Adelaide Hospital’, in Australia, as the Chief Resident and worked there for two years before returning to Kolkata permanently. By this time he has already performed 5000 open heart surgeries. Till date his total number of heart surgeries has gone past 15,000 operations.


In 2004 five renowned and busy Doctors of Kolkata formed a musical group called ‘Byatikromi’. They sang together the songs of golden era and came out with a CD along with Doctors from Bangladesh in 2005. Their second album, a collection of Rabindra Sangeet released by Prime Music in 2007 was also a hit.
In the year 2009 ‘Byatikromi’ completed their 8th year and they have paid their tribute to the legendary composer ‘Salil Chowdhury’ in an album named ‘Sradhyanjali’ which was released by Sa-Re-Ga-Ma on 10th January, 2010. 
The Doctors are -

   Dr. Tapas Raychaudhury, Heart Surgeon
   Dr. Shivaji Basu, Urologist
   Dr. Vivek Dutta, Eye Surgeon
   Dr. Raja Roy, Cardiologist
   Dr. Pallab Banerjee, Consultant Physician



An ordinary camera

Dr. Raychaudhuri has travelled widely and has seen places and people who have left a deep impact on him. Being interested in photography, he has tried to capture some of these iconic sights. However, he has a simple Non-SLR camera.

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