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Dr Tapas Raychaudhury is the name in the Cardiothoracic world with a speciality in LIMA:RIMA Bypass Sugery" with success rate over 99.5 %.

He is the seniormost heart surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, Kolkata and specializes in LIMA:RIMA Bypass Surgery and Mini-Bypass surgery.

Trained in UK and Australia, Dr. Tapas Raychaudhury is the first surgeon
to perform the first 75 consecutive multi-vessel Bypass surgery in Kolkata
between 1984 and ’86. He then built B.M. Birla Heart Hospital as its first
Project Director. In February 1996 he performed the first Beating Heart
Bypass surgery in Eastern India and in the same year he performed the
first ‘Mini-Bypass Surgery’ of Kolkata through a small 4 inch cut in the left
side of the chest.

From 2002 onwards, this pioneer bypass surgeon, along
with his team members performed over 11,000 Bypass surgeries for low
and middle income group at an affordable mean cost of only Rs 65,000 with
99% success.

People Talk



“It's been a pleasure being treated by Dr. Raychaudhury. I found the right guidance and it has helped me.” Mr. Chatterjee, 42

Contact Dr. Raychaudhury today:   +91-96748-53 864


“My father-in-law was suddenly detected with multiple blockages in his heart. Dr. Roychaudhury did his surgery with utmost care and true personalized attention... My father is now absolutely fit and fine and back to normal life.

A zillion thanks to Dr. TRC.

Rumpa Sarkar, Mumbai

Cardiac Surgery

Mini-Bypass surgery

LIMA:RIMA Bypass Surgery

Beating-Heart Bypass



“`On 23.07.1989 I had my bypass by Dr. RayChoudhuri. I suffer from age-related problems but my heart is Okay so far. He also operated on my wife 10 years ago. We are both well.” 

Mr. Amiya Ghosh, Ballygunj, Kolkata


“I was operated upon by Tapas in 1992. A close friend of mine from Calcutta referred me to him. After 21 years, I am still going strong.”

Hafizuddin Ahmad, Gulshan, Dhaka

I learned that the more smiles you spread, the greater the fulfillment you will experience.


“Dr. Raychaudhury's approach to each problem is unique and that's what separates him from the rest. He is the best there is.”
Mr. Bhattacharya,  W. Dinajpur, WB

Heart Valve Replacement

Major Vascular Surgery

Opinion on Angiography

"My father had very serious heart condition. Dr. RayChoudhuri did multiple bypass operation 3 years back. He is leading a normal life now."

Puspita Ghosh, Howrah, WB

Right Workouts for Your Heart

To kick off your new exercise regime


Light Walking

It's doesn't take much effort. All you need to do is to ensure that your blood gets to all the parts of your body. Light walk, twice a day can help you fight off a lot of bad signs and keep your arteries free from any clogs. Be sure to track your performance!


Light Yoga always helps!

Yoga helps you control your breathing and helps you find relief from stress. With a synchronized breathing, you are able to ensure that your digestion is perfect and your muscles are relaxed. Thus, your appetite dramatically improves!


Free-hand exercises

Light exercise indoors can help you prevent heart problems. If you are a patient, ensure to do these exercises in controlled atmosphere. Always consult your doctor to guide you with the right kind of exercises. Above all, focus on an exercise that makes you feel relieved at the end of it.

Diet for the Heart

It really does you a world of good by focusing on the right kind of diet. For healthy people as well as patients, it's important to focus on their diet and watch what they eat, when they eat in order to ensure that their heart remains in the perfect condition for many years. Chances of attack decrease with the right food. So, go ahead! Gift yourself a healthy life, today!

balanced meal


Watch What You Eat

It's important to know the amount that you need to have on a daily basis. Never stuff yourself with and be sure about the serving size. it helps you put less pressure on your system.


More Vegetables and Fruits!

Ensure that your platter looks as vibrant as possible. Bright vegetables and fruits are rich in essential vitamins and minerals, helping your system get the boost to perform in a much better manner!


Check "Bad" fats and Cholesterol

Start your diet by immediately putting a lead on the amount of saturated and trans fat you consume. This lowers the blood cholesterol, thereby helping your body remain fit for a long time! Ensure to carry out regular blood test if you have the risk factors, such as positive Family history, Diabetes, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, smoking habit, thyroid problem etc.

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