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The Team

As they say - "A captain is as good as the team"

Dr. Tapas Raychaudhury has some of the most experienced and thorough professionals under him working towards ensuring that every patient receives the best possible medical care. Each member was handpicked on the basis of their knowledge of the subject as well as their sheer skills. Together, the team has performed over 12000 successful open-heart and beating heart bypass surgeries. 

Dr. Sourendranath Mitra

MD (Anesthesiology)

Dr. Soumyobrata Roy Chaudhuri 

MRCP, MHSC (Diabetology)

Dr. Sourendranath Mitra (commonly known has "Bobby" to nearly all surgeons of Kolkata) has been working as a cardiac anesthetist for over a decade. His specializes in adult cardiac surgery and post-operative intensive care.

Dr. Soumyobrata Roy Chaudhuri is the team physician. All patients presenting with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Partial Kidney failure are dealt by him before the operation. He is also the critical care in-charge of the team and takes care of all post-operative medical complications.

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